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Explore break-through ideas in grooming your child for greatness, and how you can apply them quickly and easily to give your child on the fast-track to a successful future.

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  • What Top Performers do to Train for Championships
  • How to Teach Solid People Skills in Young Children
  • And more!
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Inspired Parent Insights Podcast

Freshly curated ideas that will inspire you to:

  • Why it's so beneficial to encourage our girls to take risks
  • What's better promoting IQ or EQ
  • Effective ways to help your child find passions and strengths
  • How to develop solid people skills in your child as early as 3 years
  • ... and much much more.

I love the passion you have! And it's great that you debunk myths, and citing studies for what works and what doesn't. There are a lot of false ideas unsupported by science in this space!

Just Some of the Many Gems You will Discover:

  • The Science of Giving Empowering Feedback that Works

    Positive feedback? Negative feedback? How do we give compliments and tell them where they need to improve?

  • How to Involve Your Entire Family in Teaching Your Kids Grit

    Success traits discovered by world re-nowned psychologists, grit is one a critical factor to develop in order to achieve success in any future career.

  • Secret money management systems of millionaires that you and the kids could use immediately

    If they shoot for the stars, they’ll at least get the moon. If they aim for great money habits, the least they’ll get is being financially comfortable.

Meet Your Hosts

Perry Lai

Perry is a father to 3 children, runs a home tutoring business and is most fearful of losing the love and respect of his kids. His number one mission is to raise his children to live a life of freedom and fulfilment. Perry was a school teacher, hypnotherapist, public speaking coach and a sales manager. Today he brings the different perspectives of education, personal development and sales and ties them to parenting for success traits.

Cat Lam

Cat is the mama to one miniature Chinese Lion Dance enthusiast, and wife to one incredibly gentle giant (mentally, not physically).  She the founder of, a leadership and professional development blog. Energetic, ultra-positive, and having a genuine approach to people are the top three attributes that people use to describe Cat. Aside from this, she is a seasoned CPA-CMA, systems consultant, and fitness instructor. Her philosophy? Life passes in a blink. Make moments meaningful.

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