How to Be a Role Model to Your Children


A lot of people tell me that they really want their kids to be self confident individuals, with empowering beliefs that will help them succeed in their future. I totally agree. But what troubles me is that while the best intentions are present, they seem to rely on school, lessons, or simply giving them instructions to succeed.

The true answer begins with us as the parent. We are the number one leaders in our child’s life. We are the people to whom our children look to model.


In this Episode:

  1. What studies of world class performers reveals about their parents
  2. what parents can do immediately to be a worthy role model
  3. what is the most valuable asset you have as a parent to mentor your children


Items of Interest

  1. Benjamin Bloom’s research – From the book Grit by Angela Duckworth



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What it Actually Takes to Be an Exceptional Role Model