How to Develop Grit in Your Child


This was one of the top qualities you wanted to learn when we picked your brains about parenting topics of interest. Everybody knows that to succeed we must be able to stick to a project to completion. It’s always a shame when we see people starting a project with full momentum, and then petering off to nothing and quitting. We know we want to instil grit in our children. Find out how.

In this Episode:

  1. Little known research about how to keep students motivated no matter what
  2. How a teacher in a public school teach grit without ever using the word grit
  3. And a quick exercise to develop grit in the entire family while having fun

Items of Interest

  • Angela Duckworth – Grit
  • Camillie Farrington – The Academic Mindset
  • Paul Tough – Helping Children Succeed


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