How to Help Our Kids Reduce Stress


You might look at the title of this episode and think how it doesn’t apply to you. You might think how good your kids have it, being able to play soccer twice a week, swimming, and play-dates. You might think how they never have to worry about putting food on the table. What stress could they possibly have? You better believe our kids have stress. It might not be the same stressors that we have, but they still get stressed out in their own kiddie world. Otherwise, you wouldn’t get temper tantrums, whining, or kicking from the backseat in frustration. Let’s chat about what we ca do to help our kids navigate through stressful situations. Armed with effective techniques, they can have this at their fingertips as they grow up and all throughout their lives.

In this Episode:

  1. A step by step blueprint to help a baby sleep and
  2. How the fast food industry can help shape parenting relationships
  3. How just 10 minutes a day can radically improve the relationship with your child


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