How to Save the World by Creating Quality Time Out of Nothing

We all have 24 hours. As the world get more and more complicated, we have more demands that fill our day. Yet the one constant thing, if you’re even listening to this podcast is that what fulfills us is to be there for our children. What fulfills us is to be able to raise our children to be upstanding individuals and contributing members of society. Yet the constraint that is each of us faces is how limited our time and energy are. Find out how we can create time out of nothing. Find out how this can help you change your world.

In this Episode:

  1. How Cat starts her day for maximum motivation and productivity
  2. A step by step formula to help you stay focused on your goals so that you can crush your to do list
  3. A secret weapon that Perry used to help him stay focused on what he needed to do when building his home business

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